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Thou singest ye carol

Evert Jan Nagtegaal and the Art of Song

Emily Dickinson (Amherst, Massachusetts) 1830-1886: ‘I live where everything is possible, I live in a poem’


  1. Tarik Hamilton O’Regan  (1978 ) –  Had I not seen the Sun 2. I had no time to Hate

Company of Voices and Strings, conductor Graig Hella Johnson

  1. Craig Urquhart – Split the Lark

Tenor Michael Slattery together with the composer Craig Urquhart, piano

  1. Aaron Copland – 8 poems by Emilly Dickinson
  • Nature, the Gentlest Mother (To David Diamond)There Came a Wind Like a Bugle (To Elliott Carter) 3. The World Feels Dusty (To Alexei Haieff) 4. Heart, We Will Forget Him! (To Marcelle de Manziarly) 5. Dear March, Come In! (To Juan Orrego Salas) 6. Sleep is Supposed to Be (To Irving Fine) 7. Going to Heaven! (To Lukas Foss) 8. The Chariot (To Arthur Berger)

Soprano Marni Nixon, Pacific Symphonic Orchestra conducted by Keith Clark


Because I could not stop for Death,

He kindly stopped for me;

The carriage held but just ourselves

And Immortality.


We slowly drove, he knew no haste,

And I had put away

My labor, and my leisure too,

For his civility.


We passed the school where children played,

Their lessons scarcely done;

We passed the fields of gazing grain,

We passed the setting sun.


We paused before a house that seemed

A swelling of the ground;

The roof was scarcely visible,

The cornice but a mound.


Since then ’tis centuries; but each

Feels shorter than the day

I first surmised the horses’ heads

Were toward eternity.

  1. “I reckon – When I count at all” by Emily Dickinson – spoken poem
  2. Leo Smit (1921-1999) – Cycle 6 ‘the White Diadem’ (1989)
  3. I reckon — when I count it all 2. I dwell in Possibility
  4. The Martyr Poets — did not tell 4. The Poets light but Lamps
  5. I would not paint — a picture6. To pile like Thunder to its close
  6. Me — come! My dazzled face
  7. Spoken poems of Emily Dickinson


Lavinia placed two Heliotropes in Dickinson’s hand and whispered to her dead sister that they were for her to take to Judge Lord.

The epitaph on her headstone was the same as the text of the note she had sent to her cousins Louise and Fanny Norcross: “Called Back.”


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