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Thou singest ye carol

sun 25 jul 2021 11:00 

Écoutez la chanson bien douce’ – Alphons Diepenbrock (1862 – 1921) – Part 3

‘Écoutez la chanson bien douce’
Alphons Diepenbrock (1862 – 1921)
Part 3

In this third part of the triptych about the songs by Alphons Diepenbrock, whose 100th birthday we are commemorating this year, we focus on songs on French texts (Baudelaire, Verlaine and André Gide) and songs on Dutch texts by Albert Verwey, Vondel and Perk. Diepenbrock was trained as a classical scholar, but his heart was with music from an early age. As a composer he concentrated almost exclusively on vocal music; he wrote many songs for piano and orchestra. With his orchestral songs, he developed a genre that was virtually unknown at the time. In three episodes of ‘Die Sanck een Liedt’, you will hear his story and his music.



1. 1. Incantation RC 132 (André Gide) 2. L’Invitation au voyage RC117 (Charles Beaudelaire). 3. Puisque l’aube grandi RC97 (Paul Verlaine) 4. Recueillement RC79 (Beaudelaire) 5. Les Chats RC68 (Beaudelaire) 6. En Sourdine RC104 (Verlaine)

1,2,3. Mezzo soprano Christa Pfeiler 4,5. Bas Robert Holl 6. Mezzo soprano Jard van Nes Pianist Rudolf Jansen.


2. 1. ‘Simeon’s Lofzang’ (Vergun , O God, op zijne bede) RC 120 (Joost van den Vondel 2. ‘Maanlicht’ RC15 (Albert Verwey) 3. ‘Zij sluimert’ RC60 (Jac. Perk) 4. ‘Beiaard’ (Zeewind strijkt over de duinenrand) RC129 (Vada)

1. Bass Robert Holl 2, 3 Tenor Christop Prégardien 4. Soprano Roberta Alexander Pianist Rudolf Jansen

3. 1. ‘Écoutez la chanson bien douce ‘RC82 (Paul Verlaine) 2. ‘Berceuse’RC111 (Charles Van Lerberghe) 1.Soprano Renée Defraiteur, Radio orchestra conducted by Maurits van den Berg 2. Soprano Elly Ameling, Cello Richte van der Meer en Dalton Baldwin piano.



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