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Thou singest ye carol

sun 23 oct 2022 11:00 CET
Composer: Hugo Wolf

Hugo Wolf (1860-1903)

360° Hugo Wolf

Daniel Johannsen & Andreas Fröschl

A late-romantic panorama of Hugo Wolf’s multifaceted song universe is presented by tenor Daniel Johannsen together with pianist Andreas Fröschl on the recently released CD “360° Hugo Wolf”.
It includes songs to the texts of Mörike and Goethe.
Andreas Fröschl plays a Rönisch grand piano from 1872, an instrument from Wolf’s time.


Hugo Wolf
a. “Im Frühling” (Eduard Mörike)
b. “Auf dem grünen Balkon” (Paul Heyse)
c. “Klinge, klinge, mein Pandero” (Emanuel Geibel)

Hugo Wolf
a. “Jägerlied” (Mörike)
b. “An eine Äolusharfe” (Mörike)
c. “Frage und Antwort” (Mörike)
d. “Nimmersatte Liebe” (Mörike)


Eduard Mörike (1804-1875), pencil drawing by Johann Georg Schreiner (1824).
Schiller National Museum, Marbach.


Hugo Wolf
a. “Mignon” (Goethe)
b. “Trunken müssen wir alle sein” (Goethe)
c. “Anakreons Grab” (Goethe)

Hugo Wolf
a. “An die Geliebte” (Mörike)
b. “Wo find’ich Trost” (Mörike)
c. “Lied eines Liebenden” (Mörike)

Hugo Wolf
a. “Farewell” (Mörike)
b. “Homesickness” (Eichendorff)
c. “The Boy and the Little Imm” (Mörike)




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