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Through the Night

Works by Haydn, Ten Holt, McLaughlin, Sylvia Maessen, Couperin & Förster.

00:00 Joseph Haydn.
1. Missa Angustiis ‘ Lord Nelson Mass’ .
2. Symphony no. 102 in Bes.
Boston Baroque led by Martin Pearlman.
01:00 Simeon Ten Holt.
Canto Ostinato, version for 2 synthesizers.
Sandra & Jeroen van Veen, keyboards & synthesizers.
03:25 Works of Irish composer Scott Mc Laughlin.
1. Surfaces of emergence.
Metastable Collective.
2. There are neather wholes nor parts.
Iain Harrison, alt-saxofoon.
3. At least two things.
Performed by the Amsterdamse Trio Scordatura.
03:55 Sylvia Maessen.
Songs ‘Inspired by poetry’.
Irene Maessen, soprano. Sylvia Maessen, double-bass. Eleonore Pamijer, flute. and others.
04:35 Simeon ten Holt.
Solo Duivels Dans II (1986).
Jeroen van Veen, piano.
05:45 François Couperin. Les Nations.
06:40 Johann Christoph Friedrich Förster. Hoboconcert in c.
Xenia Löffler, hobo. Batzdorfer Hofkapelle.