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Unknown is Unloved?

thu 11 jun 2020 19:00 

A continuation of the last episode of ‘Unkown is Unloved’ with piano works by composer Reynaldo Hahn (1874-1947).

In this episode we’ll play the final part of the the four-part piano suite ‘Le Rossignol éperdu’ (The Desperate Nightingale) which will be concluded by Italian pianist Cristina Ariagno. But first you’ll hear the last 4 movements of Piano Suite No. 3 ‘Carnet de Voyage’.

Reynaldo Hahn has written several pieces for two pianos. We’ll play a selection of those, namely; Trois préludes sur des airs Irlandais (1893), Pièce en forme d’aria et Bergerie (1896), 7 Berceuses (1907) and the encore Caprice Mélancolique (1897). These pieces are performed by pianists Huseyin Sermet and Kun Woe Paik.

We’ll end this episode with Impromptu in A flat, opus 29 by Frédéric Chopin played by Yundi Li.


Compiled by: Cassandra van Agt.

Produced by: