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Unknown is Unloved?

sat 15 jun 2024 10:00 hrs
Composer: Moritz Moszkowski

Moritz Moszkowski (1854-1924)
Part 12:  Chamber Music, 1876-1912

In this episode we will listen to piano works from between 1876 and 1912 by German-Polish composer Moritz Moszkowski, performed by pianist Seta Tanyel.


  1. Moszkowski. Fantaisie Impromptu, opus 6.
  2. Moszkowski. Trois études, opus 24, no. 1 and 3.
  3. Moszkowski. Trois Morceaux op. 42.
  4. Moszkowski. Trois Morceaux, op. 73.
  5. Moszkowski. Grand Valse de Concert, op. 88.


  1. Moszkowski. Trois études op. 24, no. 2
    Seta Tanyel, piano.
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