Wandering around Jewish music

sun 18 apr 2021 17:00 

A program by Micha de Winter, episode 8, Maria Nuñez, asylum seeker in the Golden Age.

Fleeing the Portuguese funeral pyres, Maria Nuñez is kidnapped by English privateers, admired by Queen Elisabeth I, asked in marriage by English noblemen in order to ultimately choose a life as a free Jewess in Golden Age Holland.

Interview with Frans Lavell, writer and artistic director of the musical Maria Nuñez.

Play list:

  1. Fortuna, Buena Semana.
  2. Cuando el rey Nimrod. Cd. La Herencia Judia en España (1994). Label: Several, code: SCD 615/6. Muziekweb Rotterdam.
  3. Coplas de Purim (‘Vivo yo, vivo tu, vivo todos les judios’), Ramón Tasat. Cd. Sephardic songs for all, track 9.
  1. Siete Modos de Guisar Las Berenjenas, Maria Salgado. Cd. Siete Modos de Guisar Las Berenjenas (Nubenegra, 2007), track 1.
  2. Avre tu Puerta, Ada Nung Ensemble. Private collection.
  3. Ya salió de la mar la galana. Private recording (‘Musical Maria Nuñez’) Patricio Wang.
  4. Adio mi tierra kerida. Private recording (‘Musical Maria Nuñez’) Patricio Wang.
  5. Yasmin Levy: Irme Kero madre a Yerushalayim. Cd. Mano Suave, track 12.
  6. Adio Irme quiero. Final. Private recording (‘Musical Maria Nuñez’) Patricio Wang.
  7. Maria Nunez, track 6. Cd. Mark Feldman – What Exit. Label: ECM Records (2006), code: ECM1928.

Special thanks to: Frans en Ginette Lavell, and componist/arrangeur Patricio Wang.

Production: Cobie Ivens.
Technicians: Christopher Hull & Sem de Jongh.

Produced & presented by: