Wandering around Jewish music

sun 16 jan 2022 17:00 
A program by Micha de Winter, episode 14 – Anthology.
This is the last episode in this series. Fortunately, the Concertzender continues to pay attention to Jewish music in all its facets. You will hear more about that soon.

“Today you will listen to a small anthology from the previous episodes. I chose songs that touched me extra, either because of the music itself, the lyrics or the story about lyrics and music.”

P l a y l i s t:
01 – Lieder ohne Worte for piano nr.1-6, op.19b, nr.1-6 part I.
Cd: A Mendelssohn portrait – Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy.
Label: Brilliant Classics (2011), code: 94212. Video

02 – Ikh Hob Dikh Tsufil Lib. Cd. The Astor Klezmer Trio.
Label: Syrinx Records (2020), code: CSR 201801. Video

03 – Shalom Aleichem – Fortuna. Cd. Fortuna.
Label: Mazal (1999). Video

04 – Kayvoni. Cd. The Music of the Mountain Jews.
Label: Jewish Music Research Centre.

05 – Ofgra Haza – ImNin Alu. Cd. Ofgra Haza: ImNin Alu.
Label: Sound, code: 12 SND 300. Video

06 – Im Hashem Lo Yivneh Bayis – Shira Choir. Video

07 – A-WA – Hana Mash Hu Al Yaman. Video

08 – The Hot Sardines – Bei Mir Bist du Schoen. Video

09 – Leo Smit – Sonata for flute and piano. Video

10 – Hans Krieg: Where were the Jews of our Amsterdam.
Sung by his daughter Miriam Krieg.

11 – Malakh – Shemt zikh der malekh – Lipovsky,
Shura; Ensemble Novaya Shira. Video

12 – Es Brennt. LP-Vinyl: Jiddische Lieder – Lin Jaldati.
Label: Amiga (1982), code: 845198. Video

13 – Mi Monasir. Cd. Monastir – Sarah Aroeste.
Label: Aroeste (2021). Video

14 – November Suite.
Cd. The Klezmer Village – Shtetl Band Amsterdam. Video

Production: Cobie Ivens.
Technician: Raph van den Driesschen.
Thanks to: Muziekweb Rotterdam.

Produced & presented by: