sat 5 jan 2008 09:02 

Immigrant songs

For centuries people have been moving from one country to the next. These migrants do not only bring songs from their home country because the journey alone also inspirers to make new songs. In this hour fifteen ‘immigrant songs’ that tell the story of the emigrant. The songs are about hope, homesickness, setbacks and acceptance. Really just like life itself.
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playlist:Immigrant Song (Yuriy Gurzhy Remix) – Amsterdam Klezmer Band (Russia / the Netherlands) 
Bole 2 Harlem – Bole 2 Harlem (Ethiopia / USA)
Immigrant Punk – Gogol Bordello (Oekraïne / USA)
Place Called Africa – Junior Byles (Jamaica)
Coladera Nobo – Simentera (Cape Verde)
Across The Wire – Calexico (USA)
An Undoing World – The Klezmatics (USA)
Die Reize Nuch Amerika – Abe Schwartz Orchestra (Roemenia / USA)
Immigrant Child – Shantel (Germany)
Weil Ich ’n Türke Bin – Erci E (Turkey / Duitsland)Illegal Alien – Wunmi (Nigeria / England)
Désolé – Carte De Séjour (Algeria / France)
Frijolero – Molotov (Mexico)
Sodade – Cesara Evora (Cape Verde / France)
Ellis Island – Mary Black (Ireland)