sat 19 apr 2008 09:02 

Rhythm – Mother of Music.

Only few people remain untouched when listening to all kinds of percussion rhythms. Mainly swinging drum rhythms seem to hold an irresistible attraction to the hip, bottom and leg sections of the body. Eyes start to sparkle, mouths relax and turn into a sunny smiling mode. Apparently the primal forces of people get affected and age, class and descent doesn’t matter anymore. (Alright this is homespun psychology but still).
In this Wereldmineralen an hour of percussion music: from danceable African to inimitable Asian, and more.
CD: Voices of Africa 3 – Africa Soli (1998), Earth – 21.003-2
1. Concert de Percussion – Africa Soli
CD: Batucada – The sound of the Favelas (1996),Mr. Bongo – MRBCD005
2. Otao e Eu – Nicos Jaritz
CD: Tambours du Monde/Drums of the World (1992), Playasound – PS66001
3. Maeva Tahiti: a.Ahuru Ma Ho’e; b. Ahuru Ma Piti, c. Ahuru Ma Toru, d. Ahuru Ma Maha, e. Ahuru Ma Pae, f. Ahuru Ma Ono
CD: Famoudou Konaté & Ensemble Hamana Dan Ba – Guinée: Percussions et Chants Malinké (1999)
Buda Musique 
4, Borokoni
CD: Suar Agung – Pekak Jegog (the king master of Jegog) 2002 (onbekend), Maharani
5. Tari Putri Bambu
CD: Pan Glossary #3 – Rhythm Tracks: Percussion and Drums Worldwide (1997), Pan Records – 2000C CD
6. Daf-I Shadi – Zaragul Iskandarova & group
CD: Tierra del Cacao – Afro-Venezuelan music and dance (1999), Pan Records – 2063CD
7. San Juan/Gangue/Macizón – Sentir Sabanera
CD: Saikouba Badjie – Bougarabou: solo drumming of Casamance (1996), Village Pulse – VPU 1005 CD
8. Yéyé (medley)
CD: Angels in the Mirror – Vodou Music of Haiti (1997), Ellipsis Arts – CD4120
9. M Pap Mache A Tè Anye – Rara La Fraicheur de L’Anglade
CD: Bali (1998), Air Mail Music / Sunset – SA141027
10. Percussions dans le temple – unknown
CD: Princess Nicotine – Folk and Pop Music of Myanmar (Burma) Vol.1 (2004), Sublime Frequencies – SF006
11. Really Strange and Weird Things – Sein Sah Thin
CD: Pan Glossary #3 – Rhythm Tracks: Percussion and Drums Worldwide (1997), Pan Records – 2000C CD
12. Dhol solo – Droeh Nankoe Baithak Gana Ensemble