sun 27 jan 2013 20:00 

The Voice of the Wind

Neco Novellas
In this episode of Wereldmineralen music from different directions. Artists from countries like Senegal, Russia, Brazil and India. We are also featuring artists who live in the Netherlands, like Cosmic Carnical and Neco Novellas from Mozambique.
Sara Tavares.jpeg
Sara Tavares

  1. Dialog y televisora. Vladimyr Vysotski. The Rough Guide to the Music of Russia (2002). World music network 5310075
  2. Young Vena.  The Bulgarian state radio & television female choir. Le Mystere des voix Bulgares: A cathedral concert (1987)
  3. Zapjevala sojka ptica. Mostar Sevdah Reunion.
    A Secret Gate (2003). Snail records SR 66002
  4. Why this Kolaveri Di (A. Ravichandar).
    Danush. Sony music India 2012  
  5. Sound of the rain. Farid Mayara & the Cosmic Carnaval.
    Cd. First revival (2011) Marmoucha ID MARM-9
  6. Del wax ni ndiaye. Jules Gueye. 2012
    Jelel sa njel.jpeg
    Pape Thiopet
  7. Jelel sa njel. Abdou Guite feat Pape Thiopet. 2011
  8. Assalo. Thione Seck. (Orientissime (2005)). Publishing Espérance 079 0005 020
  9. Amanhecer. Neco Novellas.
    Cd. Munthu (2011) Buma Stemra
  10. Bocotane. Neco Novellas.
    Cd. Munthu (2011) Buma Stemra
  11. Rue Dreita. Tiolino.
    Cd. Rua Dreita.(2007). Harmonia 02376-2
  12. Forca Estranha. Gal Costa.
    Cd. Minha Historia (1994). Polygram Do Brasil 510 469-2
  13. Baiao. Musicas do Brasil: De la Cantoria a la Samba – Reggae
  14. Voz de Vento. Sara Tavares.
    Cd. Xinti. (2009). World Connection.