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sat 20 jun 2015 04:00 hrs

North Indian raga music on sitar and sarod.

Roopa Panesar
Music on sitar and on sarod, played by the young and the old generation.
You will hear recordings of Roopa Panesar, Amjad Ali Khan, Zarin Daruwala, Abhisek Lahiri, Partho Sarathy and of Ali Akbar Khan.
Ali Akbar Khan.jpg
Ali Akbar Khan


The sitar is a long-necked lute with frets, and has four melody strings, two rhythm strings and some resonance strings. The lesser known sarod – a lute without frets – is smaller than the sitar and has a very different sound than the sitar. The sarod does have, just like the sitar, four melody strings, two rhythm strings and a large number of resonance strings.
During the introduction:
Ali Akbar Khan – Love melody in Raga Zila Kafi (dadra, cycle of 6 beats)
After that, in this order:

  1. Roopa Panesar – Raga Puriya,  Jhalla & Gat | Live recording, Darbar Festival London, 2011
  2. Amjad Ali Khan – Kadambori | Music from the Indian film Kadambori, 2015)
  3. Zarin Daruwala – Dadra | Year of recording unknown
  4. Abhisek Lahiri – Raga Malkauns | Open air recording in India, 2015
  5. Partho Sarathy – Dhun in Mishra Shivranjani | Album: Sentimental Sarod, 2002
  6. Ali Akbar Khan – India Blue | Album: Garden of Dreams, 1993
  7. Roopa Panesar – Dhun in Bhairavi | Live recording, Trafo Music Concert Budapest, 2014.


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