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Brazil in a Nutshell

fri 4 nov 2016 20:00 

Radio programme on Brazilian music consisting of 12 episodes compiled by Juliano Abramovay.

Brazil is a country of enormous proportions, where the way the country developed has been determined by the merging of different nations. Through its music it is possible to broadly (yet not completely) understand some important characteristics that define the different areas of this country. The music from the north of Brazil for instance, has its roots in the native traditions which incorporate Caribbean rhythms, while in the northeast different African traditions are present. In the south of the country, a strong influence by Latin American rhythms is noticeable, and even in the international music of today you can still distinguish these features.

We would need a lot more than 12 episodes to play all the different styles of Brazilian music. We hope to present a little bit of the musical abundance, as well in traditional, local styles as in pop en contemporary music, and hopefully you will be inspired to look into the music that appeals to you.

In the first episode we concentrate on today’s independent music.



Elza Soares


01. Elza Soares – Maria Da Vila Matilde



Ava Rocha


02. Ava Rocha – Boca do Céu

03. Liniker e os Caramelows – Você Fez Merda

04. Siba – Marcha Macia





05. Criolo – Não existe amor em SP

06. Boogarins – Avalanche

07. O Terno – Melhor Do Que Parece

08. Baleia – Volta



Metá Metá


09. Metá Metá – São Jorgev

10. Céu – Amor Pixelado

11. Tulipa Ruiz – Proporcional



Karina Buhr


12. Karina Buhr – Eu sou um monstro


Brazil In A Nutshell is broadcasted every first Friday of the month.

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