World Minerals

sat 5 may 2007 09:02 

Today in World Minerals we take you to the world of sounds from Vietnam.

You do not hear music from Vietnam very often, and that is a pity because they have beautiful music. Coming hour, you can discover this for yourself. You will hear among others Chau Dinh, the queen of the Hue who will sing about 10 reasons why the Hue women are so beautiful. Tran Van Khe sings in wonderfully accompanied poetry that he is lonely and misses his sweetheart. You can also listen to the blind singer/guitar player Kim Sinh. The CD The art of Kim Sinh has become a cult classic. Kim Sinh has a unique and virtuoso style of playing in which the Vietnamese tradition and the tradition of the West has melted into a yet-to-be-defined music form. All eyes and ears were aimed at him when Ry Cooder made public that he and Kim were working together. However, they never released a recording of this collaboration.