World Minerals

sat 19 may 2007 09:02 

Visman by Linde.

Visman lies still on one side
the bath under the trees is empty
steady streaming water through breaking ground
carefully and quickly the fish go under it
they can, thinks visman
and that’s it
no images or words
he just says
where have you been all this time

In 1998, the CD Visman was released; a solo project of Linde Nijland who forms the singing duo Ygdrassil together with Annemarieke Koenders. This time she did everything herself. Writing the poems. Composing the music. Making the illustrations for the beautiful CD booklet. She accompanies her own singing with guitar, piano and a ‘rainmaker’. Besides that, she is assisted by various guest musicians. "It was not possible to make it more of my own," she says about this production.
The last few years, Ygdrassil is accompanied by multi-instrumentalist Bert Ridderbos of the Grunneger Folk group ‘Törf’. In the same year as the release of ‘Visman’, Törf also produced a exceptional CD: Törf speelt (plays) Beukema (1998). This CD contains a selection of the dance-music manuscript of Jacob Pieters Beukema; written down in 1840 in Leens, North Groningen. It is the only known Groninger collection of dance melodies, newly and uniquely arranged by the members of Törf. In the composition we hear among other things the bagpipe and the bouzouki. But also the philippophoon, the cow’s horn and Eenrumer klompen (clogs)!
Next Saturday at 14:00 you can listen to an extensive portrait of Törf in the programme Metamorfoses.
In this World Minerals, you can listen to the CD ‘Visman’ by Linde, alternated with dance music from Groningen by the folk group Törf.