World Minerals

sat 23 jun 2007 09:02 

Voices Voices- the mighty call.

In 1953 Joachim-Ernst Berendt (1922-2000) published one of the best read books on the history of jazz. More than one and a half million books were sold. He wrote a total of 33 books and went to look at music in a more spiritual way while traveling through the world of music and sound. His book ‘Nada Brahma’ is a plea in which he explains that every atom consists of vibration and so the whole world actually consists of sound. After this you can learn how to get in tune with cosmic vibrations through his self-help book "Ik hoor dus ik ben" (I hear, therefore I am).
In 1998 a box released containing a book and three CD’s compiled by Joachim-Ernst Berendt called ‘Voices Voices- the mighty call’. A collection of choir music from all over the world. Joachim views the choir as a blueprint for how society could ideally be. A human society in service of harmony, the voice of every member audible, not afraid of disharmony but able to approach this, articulate this and transform it into harmony. He also says:" What divides us people – all the so called cultural differences – are literally being sucked away here!".
This CD includes, apart from western choir music of the renaissance up to contemporary music, also choir music from all over the world. From the Bulgarian woman’s choir Angelite to Somei Satoh’s One Man Chorus from Japan. In this episode of World Minerals you can listen to a selection of the best songs from every corner of the world.