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World Minerals

sat 15 sep 2012 23:00 

Three well-known world musicians: Mulatu Astatke, Ernest Ranglin and Goran Bregovic.

Mulatu Astatke is the first musician who combined music from Ethiopia with jazz, which he himself called Ethio-jazz. After a successful period in the sixties and seventies, he was rediscoverd in the West in the nineties, partly due to the lovely series of Ethiopiques CDs of the French label Buda Music.
Ernest Ranglin belongs also to the éminence grise of world music. This guitar player from Jamaica, who turned 80 this year, stood at the base of the Jamaican ska in the fifties.
Goran Bregovic already for a long time won his spurs. This CD is meant for the listener who does not know him: Welcome to Goran Bregovic is a compilation CD with various, known, old works.

  1. Yekermo sew
  2. Metche dershe
  3. Tezeta
    Cd. Mulatu Astatke, Ethiopiques : Ethio jazz & musique instrumentale 1969-1974 ; vol.4 (1998), Buda 829642
  4. Undecided
  5. Memories of Barber
  6. Stop that rain
    Cd. Ernest Ranglin, Memories of Barber Mack (1997), Island 5243392
  7. Yeremia
  8. Mesecina
  9. In the death car
  10. Hop hop hop
    Cd. Goran Bregovic, Welcome to Goran Bregovic (2012), Wrasse WRASS 241
  11. Silbando, Walter Leon
  12. La pastorcita, Emerson Sanchez
  13. Lamento del yacuruna Victor, Casahuaman
    Cd. The roots of Chicha : Psychedelic cumbias from Peru ; vol.2 ( 2010) Crammed CRAW 73