World Minerals

fri 10 may 2013 22:00 
Composer: Luiz Bonfá

World music from films

Wo kaun Ti, Orfeu Negro, Undergound, Gegen die Wand, Gadjo Dilo, Slumdog Millionaire… Put out the popcorn, because this broadcast is all about film. With music which is specially written for the story, such as Samba de Orfeo by Luiz Bonfa and with music that has just been borrowed by the film makers. Such as Willeke Alberti’s ‘Morgen ben ik de bruid’ that is sung by one of the characters in the film Simon.
In the case of Japanese singer and actress Meiko Kaji her music led to a true revival because of the interest of a film maker. Quintin Tarantino was inspired by the Japanese film Lady Snowblood (Shurayukihime) from 1973 for the two parts of Kill Bill.
kill bill.jpg
Based on a manga Lady Snowblood tells the story about murderess Yuki who bloodily avenges her family. Meiko Kaji did not only play Yuki, but also sang the title song Shura No Hana. Flower of Carnage, like it was translated by Tarantino,  is to be heard at the end of the fight scene between the leading character and O Ren-Ishii. With the snow covered decor and this victory song this scene  refers to Lady Snowblood.
So…music and film

  1. Lamento no Morro. Orfeu da conceição (1959).
    Odeon. Republished by EMI (2005). From the film Orfeu Negro (1959)
  2. Samba de Orfeo. Luiz Bonfa.
    CD: Luiz Bonfá: Solo in Rio (1959).  Republished by Smithsonian Folkway Recordings 2006). From the film Orfeu Negro (1959)
  3. La Llorona. Lila Downs and Mariachi Juvenil de Tecalitlán. Frida (2002).
    Miramax and Universal. 44150-2. From the film Frida (2002)
  4. Slavery and Suffering. Eastern Promises Original Soundtrack (2007).
    Sony Classics. B000UZ4D1C. From the film Eastern Promises (2007)
  5. Linstead Market. Steelasophical.  Released on Movie Tracks (2008).
    Arc Music. 05111. From the film James Bond: Casino Royale (2006)
  6. Man of constant sorrow. Soggy Bottom Boys. O brother were art thou (2000).
    Mercury. 1191981. From the film O Brother were Art Thou (2000).
  7. Yèkèrmo Sew. Mulatu Astatque. Éthiopiques 4.
    Buda Musique. 82964-2. From the film Broken flowers (2005)
  8. Saniye’m. Selim Sesler&Orchestra feat Idil Üner. Gegen die wand: original soundtrack (2004).
    Normal 235 CD. From the film Gegen die wand (2004).
  9. Arrinconamela. Gritod de Guerra. Vengo: Soundtrack (2000).
    Warner Music. 0685738329229. From the film Vengo (2000).
  10. Djelem Djelem. Esma Redzepova. Gypsy Caravan: Music in and inspired by Film (2007).
    World Village 468070. From the film Gadjo Dilo (1997)
  11. L’amour en Liberte. Gypsie star. Gadjo Dilo: un film de Tony Gadlif (1998).
    Princess Films. 3984-23045-2. From the film Gadjo Dilo (1997).
  12. Mesecina. Goran Bregovic. Underground Original Soundtrack (1995).
    Mercury 528 910. From the film Underground (1995).
  13. Raquel. Bau. Hable con Ella Original Soundtrack (2003).
    Milan 5050466308528. From the film Hable Con Ella (2002)
  14. Flower of Carnage. Meiko Kaji. Kill Bill Vol.1 Soundtrack (2003).
    Maverick. B0000C9V3T. From the film Kill Bill Vol.1 (2003)
  15. Morgen ben ik de bruid, Willeke Alberti. De Nederlandstalige top 100 aller tijden; vol.2 (4) (1997).
    Polygram. Original release: Vrienden voor Altijd (1988). UIt de film Simon (2004)
  16. Aziza. Hossam Ramzy. Best of Mohammed Om Kalsoum & Mohammed Abdul Wahab (2010).
    Arc music. B002Y0XCAO. From the film Goodbye Lenin (2003)
  17. Lag ja Gale Ke Phir. Lata Mangeshkar.
    From the film Wo Kaun Thi (1964).
  18. Paper planes. M.I.A. Slumdog Millionaire: Music from the motion picture.
    Interscope Records 0602517963887. From the film Slumdog Millionaire (2008)