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fri 17 jan 2014 22:00 
Composers: Edith Piaf | John Cage

Music by Aravah Quintet, Dub Colossus, Lucas Santtana and the band Jahair.

  Dub Colossus.png
Aravah Quintet                                      Dub Colossus
The band Aravah Quintet was created in 2006, when the two band leaders Boris Mogilevski (Israel) and Ulas Aksunger (Germany/Turkey) met each other when they were both studying at the Rotterdam conservatory. There, they studied jazz guitar and latin percussion respectively. The band plays nice original music that can be described as a mix of jazz improvisation, sounds from the Middle East and rock.
Dub Colossus, the next group that you will hear a number of songs from, is a project of Nick Cage, together with musicians from Ethiopia. Among them is singer ‘Mimi’ Zenebe, also known as the Edith Piaf of Ethiopia. The style of music is described as a mix of 60s Ethiopian pop, Ethiojazz and Jamaican dub reggae.
Lucas Santtana.jpgjahiar group.png
Lucas Santtana                            Jahiar Group
Lucas Santtana belongs to a young generation of Brazilian musicians who are looking for a new sound. In his music, influences from Brazilian music history can be heard, but he also leans towards Jamaican reggae and dub.
Jahiar is a group of musicians from Poland, the Caucasus and Iran. The leading part is played by Iranian singer Azim Irani, who plays the santur at the same time. The santur is the Indian version of the cymbalon. Persian, Afghan, Turkish and Polish melodies have been incorporated into the music.

  1. Gaáguim
  2. Innermost secret
    CD. Aravah Quintet, Old oak stories (2010), BMOG001
  3. Addis through the looking glass
  4. Dub will tear us apart
  5. Wey fikir
    CD. Dub Colossus,  Addis through the looking glass (2011), Real World 884108000137
  6. O deus que devasta mas tambem cura
  7. Musicó
  8. Jogos madrugais
  9. Dia de furar onda no mar (4:00)
    CD. Lucas Santtana, The God who devastates also cures (2012), Mais Um Discos MAIS 14
  10. Lejli dzan
  11. Noc zapadla
    CD Jahiar Group, Teheran (2004), Orange World OWCD 003.
    With thanks to the Centrale Discotheek Rotterdam.