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sat 13 oct 2007 09:02 

Super Mama Africa

Not only humans are native to Africa, also many popular music styles find its origin on this continent. Africa is the heartbeat of the world and the mother of many different genres. Jazz, blues, son, mambo, calypso, reggae, soul, funk and hiphop all have their roots in Africa. This ‘western’ music, for its part, inspired African musicians. In this hour we skip from one part of the Atlantic Ocean to the other. Remarkable is that the music sometimes forms a perfect match, although sometimes the artists are born thousands of kilometers from each other. Of course all contributions of this broadcast are danceable!
Songs From Africa And The Black Diaspora
1. Ponta De Lança Africano (Umbabarauma) JORGE BEN Brazil 3’52
2. Watu Wasuri TITO PUENTE & HIS ORCHESTRA USA / Puerto Rico 3’21
3. Disco Africa THE OGYATAANAA SHOW BAND Ghana 4’15
4. Ataole BATATA Y SU RUMBA PALENQUERA Colombia 4’35
5. Dissan Na M’Bera SUPER MAMA DJOMBO Guinee-Bissau 5’13
6. Congoman THE CONGOS Jamaica 6’38
7. Santo Negro AURELIO MARTINEZ Honduras / Belize 4’31
8. Mambo El Soudani SALAMAT Sudan 4’08
9. Asiram ABDELLI Algeria / Cabo Verde 4’30
10. Tanacara GONZAGUINHA Brazil 3’57
11. (Uhuru) African Twist ANDRE WILLIAMS USA 2’39
12. Soul Makossa JOHNNY ZAMOT USA / Puerto Rico 2’35
13. Black Man BLACK STALIN Trinidad 5’04
14. Higher OH NO USA 1’33