World Minerals

sat 3 nov 2007 09:02 

Where does Europe end?

The discussion about the expansion of the European Union often raises the question: "What is part of Europe and what isn’t?" The Western Europe member states find that only countries with a shared history can join. Although it is acknowledged with difficulty nowadays the European countries share a lot of their history with parts of North Africa and the Middle East. Only a century ago the Ottoman Empire, the precedent of Turkey, was called ‘the sick man of Europe’. This European country stretches from Belgrade to Bagdad. We are wondering if Europe even has something like a cultural border. Aren’t the roots from all European music from Africa or Asia? In this World Minerals you will hear flamenco from Mali, Turkish sounding gypsy music from the Balkans and jazz from Armenia. It seems that the Europeans share a musical past and present with many distant countries. That’s why there is still enough space for new member states in the European Union.
1. Radio Tarifa – Rumba Argelina (trad. / arr. R. Dueñas)
2. Toumani Diabate – Jarabi (trad. / arr. T. Diabate)
3. Souad Massi – Ilham (Souad Massi / Hassen Massi)
4. Rachid Taha – Nokta (Taha)
5. KlezRoym – Fel Shara (trad. / arr. KlezRoym)
6. Magnifico & Turbulentza – Hir aj kam, hir aj go (R. Pešut)
7. Goran Bregovic – Gas Gas (Bregovic)
8. Kočani Orkestar – Šiki šiki baba (Nestor Čok Rakia)
9. Fanfara Tirana & Hysni Niki Zela – Janina (trad.)
10. Hossam Ramzy & Samy El Bably – Asrar El Ein (H. Ramzy)
11. Janet & Jak Esim – Ija Mia Mi Kerida (trad. / arr. Erkan Ogur)
12. Baba Zula – Tavas Havusi (Akman Levent & Ertel Osman Murat)
13. Armenian Navy Band – Let’s Have Fun At The Border (Arto Tuncboyaciyan)
14. Tamara Dadasheva – Nokhchiychyo, so khan yo yu (trad.)