World Minerals

sat 24 nov 2007 09:02 
Composer: Django Reinhardt

“Because the world is round it turns me on”.

This is the opening line of the song ‘Because’ by artist Gary McFarland with which this episode of World Minerals starts with.
This sentence really appeals to me. I get exited again and again by our round world with endless richness of music. I’ve been making programms for the Concertzender for a while now but i’ve never really introduced myself. I’ve been fascinated by the world of sound and music all my life. The urge to feed my ears brought me to paces that keep locked for many people. Strange oriental sounds that sound like the mewing of a cat to the average Dutchman came to my attention. After all…the people who play the music do their best to play something beautiful. That has always been my approach to music. No judgment beforehand and try to connect to the beauty of it. All of a sudden the whole world is beautiful. Because I am always looking for new impulses the discovery of the Concertzender was like a treasure to me. I have heard so many extraordinary sounds over the years. And my collection of cassettes with recordings of the Concertzender have provided to be the soundtrack of many beautiful journeys over the world. Therefore I am pleased that because of my steadily growing music collection I am able to make programmes for the Concertzender and contribute to the beautiful repertoire of a radio station where the love of special music comes first. In this hour of World Minerals I will play a random selection of records. It is impossible to make clear what music means to me in an hour and I won’t even try. It is just an hour with good unpretentious music. (Mainly world music but also a little bit of pop and jazz what, in my opinion, is world music, just like any other music style. 
I dedicate this programme to all my new friends and colleagues who voluntarily (!!) put their time and love into the making of the many beautiful programmes of the Concertzender. 
Thanks, Robert Kroos
Because – Gary McFarland 
Strange – Chico Hamilton 
Forked harp solo – veldopname Musique Guere Cote d’Ivoire 
Mistery Pacific – Django Reinhardt 
Tingle Apho – veldopname 
Musik Der Hamar Sudathiopien 
Undiu – Joao Gilberto 
More Maksim Ima Losa Zena – Vaska Ilijeva 
Medicine Man – Machette Ensemble of San Francisco
Ze eshkat tark-e sar kardan – Members of the Radio Afghanistan Orchestra 
Da Sam Ptica – Silvana Armenulic 
Le Vent Souffle Sur La Terre – Chang Mei Yin 
El Khaima – Hmaoui Abd El Hamid 
Taqsim in Maqam Hejaz, Saut, Nazla in Maqam Rost – Sultan Hamid