World Minerals

sat 1 dec 2007 09:02 

Le Monde Fanfare.

According to tradition Osman I, the founder of the Ottoman Empire, received a present of the sultan of Konya in the 14th century. The present was a mehter, an orchestra with different kinds of wind instruments. Osman was so impressed that he made the mehter a part of his army. Through the military campaigns of the Ottoman army the people from the Middle-East and the Balkans also came into contact with the wind bands of the sultan. When the Ottomans announced themselves at the gates of their town the inhabitants of Vienna were impressed and intimidated by the sound of the mehters. Every European army had their own wind band not long after. Of all the European countries it were particularly the English who spread the brass instruments all over the world in the 19th century. Wind bands even turned up in the most exotic corners of their immense colonial empire. So waking up calmly isn’t the case this morning. In this episode of World Minerals we will whirl over the world and let you experience the impressive diversity of wind bands over the world.
1. Shantel – Ceremoney (S. Hantel) 0’48
2. The Bollywood Brass Band – Loay Loay Aaja Mahi (Muzammal Safri / arr. Sarha Moore) 3’47
3. Maleshevski Melos – Nesatova Sa-Sa (trad. / Nešat Zekirov) 3’59
4. Orchestre International Du Vetex – Licht A.U.B.    (Thomas Morzewski) 2’33
5. Banda Ionica – Espinita (Barovero / Paci / Carbonel) 4’03
6. Frank London’s Klezmer All-Stars feat. Hasaballa Brass Band – Imayel Ya Khail (trad. / arr. F. London & A.E. Kamel) 3’00
7. The Dirty Dozen Brass Band feat. Dr. John – It’s All Over Now (Womack & Womack) 4’57
8.  Boban Markovic Orkestar – Disko Dzumbus    (Lajkó Félix / arr. Boban Markovic) 4’08
9. Mongo Santamaria – What You Don’t Know (Marcellino / Larson) 4’30
10. De Nazaten – Kachéché (Boudewijn Deeleman)  4’24
11. The Upsetters – Return Of Django (Lee Perry) 2’39
12. Polkaholix – Das Modell (K. Bartos / R. Huetter / E. Schult) 2’35
13. Fanfare Ciocarlia – Nicoleta (Adrian Sical) 5’04
14. Wallias Band – Muziqawi Silt (Girma Bèyènè) 3’47
15. Krishna Das & The Modern Light Music Brass Band – Gurans Ko Phool Siuri (Deep Shrestha) 3’59
16. Gé Reinders & Fanfare Eendracht – Blaosmuziek (Gé Reinders) 3’51