World Minerals

sat 2 feb 2008 09:02 
Composer: Brian Eno

Funkyzeit in Eurabia & the United American Emirates.

Welcome back to World Minerals with today Funkyzeit in Eurabia & the United American Emirates. In a previous episode (vorige uitzending) of World Minerals compiler Peter de Koning went on a search for the musical boundaries of Europe. For this episode he turns the question around and went looking for the northern border of the Middle East. He didn’t have to travel far for the answer. In this episode you will hear music from Berlin, Paris and London. We will hear how Europeans and Americans get busy with the musical heritage of the Middle East. It is rightfully funkyzeit in Eurabië and the United American Emirates! 
Peter’s blog: www.teps.nl  
1. Istanbulberlin – Sender Freie Rakete [Germany]
2. Yalili Ya Aini – Jah Wobble’s Invaders Of The Heart [England] 
3. Jaffa – Kristi Stassinopoulou [Greece] 
4. Adir Adirim – Balkan Beat Box Feat. Victoria Hanna [Usa / Israël] 
5. J’étais Jétëe – Think Of One [Belgium] 
6. Battle – Beats Antique [Usa] 
7. Disco Arab – The Adbdul Hassan Orchestra [the Netherlands] 
8. Sidi H’bibi – Mano Negra [France] 
9. Regiment – David Byrne & Brian Eno [Usa / England] 
10. Dall ‘Ouna [Arabo-Ciganski Turbo Mix] – Tony Hanna & The Yugoslavian Gipsy Brass Band [Lebanon / Serbia] 
11. Awakening – Kroke [Poland] 
12. Longa Shahnaaz – No Blues [the Netherlands]
14. El Saludo – Luis Delgado [Spain]