World Minerals

sat 3 may 2008 09:02 

Caribbean Cruise!!

With summer around the corner, it’s time for some warm sounds here at World Minerals. Today, we take you on a cruise through the Caribbean. We stop off at the ports of islands such as Cuba, Aruba, Dominica and the Bahamas, but also at the mainland of Colombia, Belize, Suriname and more. The Caribbean music is roughly a mix between African, European and – less so – Indian styles. You will find that that mix has become very easy to dance to.
This programme could easily take on the theme of a certain cruising tv series from America: “Come on board! We’re expecting you!”
01. Montañerisimo – Los 50 de Joselito [Colombia]
02. Nou Pé Pa Kimbé – Malavoi [Martinique]
03. La Ciguapa – Chichi Peralta Y Son Familia [Dominican Republic]
04. Under Mi Sleng Teng – Wayne Smith [Jamaica] 05. We Like Mambo – Eddie Bo [USA]
06. Streetlamp – Swinging Stars [Dominica]
07. Alaporio – Titiman Flores [Belize]
08. Sueño, Sueño – Paracumbé [Puerto Rico]
09. Ki Dushi Isla – Sound Circle [Aruba]
10. Money Is King – Growling Tiger [Trinidad]
11. Soy Tu Esclavo – Los Amados [Argentina] *
12. Relax (Before Doin’ Sex) – Oscar Harris & The Twinkle Stars [Suriname]
13. Melting Pot – Al Collie & The VIPs [Bahamas]
14. Guédé Nibo – Grupo Vocal Desandann [Haiti / Cuba]
* Yes, you’re right: Argentina is not part of the Caribbean, but this group from Buenos Aires plays this Cuban song with such a great deal of verve that the compiler of this show simple couldn’t ignore them!
For more information: www.teps.nl