World Minerals

sat 7 jun 2008 09:02 

Sometimes things are not as you want them to see….(part 1)

Americans with a cowboy hat always play country and western, Arabs don’t do salsa and in Vietnam they have never heard of punk. Or not? In this episode of wereldmineralen things are not like most people like them to be. This Wereldmineralen is a love letter to all musical freethinkers who will not be put in a box. This show has probably become a collection of curiosities but we will surprise you with the music we play in this hour. What you can expect? All these artists play music that is unusual to their own background. For example a flamenco orchestra that flirts with funk, a country-star that plays reggae, punk from Vietnam, Indian disco, gypsy music from Germany and Siberian throat singers who show their love for Motörhead’s hard rock in a very special way. It doesn’t get any more crazy or beautiful than this. Throw your eye and ear blinkers in the trash and enjoy eighteen self-willed tracks.
01. Rock El Casbah – Rachid Taha [France / Algeria]
02. Jimmy Jimmy Ajaa – Parvati Khan, Kishore Kumar & Chorus [India]
03. Love’s A Real Thing – Super Eagles [Gambia]
04. Yok Yok – Viparat Piengsuwan [Thailand]
05. Fuckin’ USA – Onbekende Artiest [Vietnam]
06. Anarchy In The UK – The Ukrainians [England]
07. Paco, Paco, Paco – Encarnita Polo [Spain]
08. Black Grass – Bad Bascomb [USA]
09. Wilder Westen – No Goods [Germany]
10. Orgasmaton – Yat-Kha [Tuva]
11. Schattenmann – 17 Hippies [Germany]
12. Mehbooba Mehbooba – R.D. Burman [India]
13. Koken Met Rachida – Wawadadakwa [Belgium]
14. Ya Nour El Ein – Amr Diab [Egypt]
15. De Meisjes Uit De Haag – De Règâhs [the Netherlands]
16. Hele Hele Gel – Bunalim [Turkey]
17. I’m A Worried Man – Willie Nelson & Toots Hibbert [USA / Jamaica]
18. Dub Will Tear Us Apart – Jah Division [USA]