World Minerals

sat 26 jul 2008 09:02 

French Essentials.

In this World Minerals we will be paying attention to some CD’s released under the Bureau Export, Uba France. Every year they release a compilation CD with high quality world music under the name of ‘French Essentials’, that has been produced in France. The artists on this CD are the best from Africa, mainly the French speaking part, but also from European and Asian descent. 
CD French Essentials II (2004), Bureau Export Ubi france
1. “Refetna ” Fania
2. “Manaco ” D. Sakho
3. “Boor yi” El Hadj N´Diaye
4. “Kolere” Cherif M´Baw
5. “Tomora” B. Cissoko
6. “Sogodounou” N. Doumbia
7. “Zarani I Mahboul” Z. Moultaka
8. “Khyanat Mariha” S. joubran
9. “Edjin Doun” O. Tsahan Zan
CD French Essentials III (2005) Bureau Export Ubi France
10. “Al´Assia” Abaji
11. “Misage” Le Trio Joubran
12. “Louanges” (M´Saib) Akim Wel Sikameya
CD French Essentials V (2007) Bureau Export Ubi France
13. “Africa” (E.H. Cheriet) Idir
14 “Bismilla” (K. Ag Ossad) Terakaft