World Minerals

sat 24 mar 2007 09:02 

A collection of songs from the label Real World.

In this episode of World Minerals, you can listen to a collection of songs from the label Real World. Real World is a label that is started by Peter Gabriel and Womad, an organisation that offers concerts, festivals and educational programmes. With major company Virgin as backup, Real World has the capacity to provide talented artists from all corners of the world with a good studio and the means to produce beautiful CDs that sound good. Peter Gabriel himself says about the label: ‘We absolutely do not want to be academic. We want to be powerful and lively. We always wanted to work with music which has real passion, atmosphere and groove and which has the ability to affect you, whether it makes contact with your body, your heart or your soul, you just have to open up to it.’ We at the Concertzender really hope that you as listener can side with this group. We wish you a lot of pleasure while listening.