World Minerals

sat 6 sep 2008 09:02 
Composer: Holger Czukay


In 1973 dj David Manusco found an obscure single in a Jamaican store in his hometown New York. Manusco organised parties and was always looking for records that kept the people at his parties dancing. Manusco had a wide taste in music. He played soul and funk but also lots of salsa and African music. These diverse styles were part of the birth of a dance music style that swept the world in the late seventies: disco. The record Mancuso came across was by Manu Dibango, a jazz saxophone player from Cameroon. His Soul Makossa record is often referred to as the first disco record. As of 1977 disco grew out to be a worldwide phenomenon. Even in far-away countries like Lebanon, Pakistan and the Netherlands local artists gave disco a shot. In this episode we will research the worldwide roots and fruits of disco.
Need help disco dancing? Consult this Finnish instruction video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwakjoSs754
Uksi, kaksi, kolleme… kaiki tanssimaan!    
01.    Misa Criolla (We Are The Children) – Fuego [Italy]
02.    No Nos Pararan – Charanga 76 [Cuba]
03.    Inner City Jam (Mambonique) – The Inner City Jam Band [USA]
04.    Soul Makossa – Manu Dibango [Cameroon]
05.    Take Your Soul – The Sahara All Stars Of Jos [Nigeria]
06.    Cool In The Pool – Holger Czukay [Germany]
07.    Far Away – Ihsan Al-Munzer [Lebanon]
08.    Toba Toba – Salma & Sabina Agha [Pakistan]
09.    African Nightclub – The Now Generation [Germany]
10.    Boney M Down – Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas [Norway]
11.    Disco Moog – Tobor Experiment [Italy]
12.    La Vecina – Los Amigos Invisibles [Venezuela]
13.    Holland Disco – The New Dutch Organ Group [the Netherlands]