World Minerals

sat 20 sep 2008 09:02 

Música Mestiza (part 1).

Today in World Minerals a special with Música Mestiza. Mestiza literally means half-blood. This music style is a colourful mix of world styles: Latin, rumba flemenco, ska, reggae, hip hop, punk and electronics; everything is combined in an energetic mix. Nowadays more and more influences from East Europe are added. Musica Mestiza doesn’t take one country or language as a base and band members often come from different continents. The home of this music is in Barcelona and the best known names are Manu Chao, Ojos de Brujo and Macaco. But there are still new bands appearing that are inspired by this genre with its unlimited possibilities. One of those up-and-coming bands is Zulu 9.30. This band is described as the sensation of the Mestiza music. In the Netherlands we have Mala Vita. With a frontman with roots in Italy and band members from Serbia, Bosnia and the Netherlands this band also has a strong international character.On 18 October part 2 of this special in World Minerals.
Play list:
CD: La Radiolina (2007), Manu Chao. Radio Bemba 2564 69811 6 
1. “La Vida Tómbola” (Manu Chao)
CD: For Ever (2007). Fufü-ai. Kasba MusicDL:B-42220-2007
2. “Sambra K-bron” (Fufü-ai)
CD: Obrador (2006). Xerramequ TiquisMiquis,Propaganda pel fet pgd051cd
3. “Les Formigues de la vida
CD: Clavell Morenet (2006), La Troba Kung-fu. Via Lactea Records VLR001
4. “Cumbia infierno” (Joan Garriga) 
CD: Ingravitto (2006), Macaco. Mundo Zurdo/EMI Spain 0946 3 58870 2 0
5. “Con la mano levantá”, feat. Juanlu El Canijo (Dani Macaco)
CD: SGAE is alternative (2006), Fundación Autor PR 0101        
6. “Plaza Pichon” (Jaleo Real), uitv. Jaleo Real
CD: Barcelona Raval Sessions 2 (2005), Diverse artiesten. Satélite K SATKCD037
7. “Con los Chichos voy “ uitv. Tío Montero
CD: Huellas (2008), Zulu 9.30. Kasba Music KM00208
8. “Bandidos” 
CD: Techari  (2006), Ojos de Brujo. Diquela Records DQR CD 05
9. “Color” (Ojos de Brujo)
CD: Barcelona Mondobeat: Nacion Electrolatina (2006), BarXino. BarXino Records BRCDS03 Promo cd
10. “Can Tunis Gnawa mix” 
CD: KarateBeat  (2008), La Kinky Beat. Kasba Music KM00108 Promo cd
11. “Karate Beat” 
CD: World Music de Catalunya  (2006), Diverse artiesten. SGAE B-37244/05
12. “Calle Go Lem” (Manu Chao) uit: Go Lem System, feat. Manu Chao 
CD: Go (2002), Dusminguet. EMI 5808052
13. “La Rabia” (Dusminguet)
CD: Disorganizzata  (2007), Mala Vita. Stemra 93390
14. “Il Cuore del Mediterraneo” (Gambeat (J.M. Dercourt)/ M. Boshuijer) 
CD: CD: Barcelona Raval Sessions 2 (2005), Diverse artiesten. Satélite K SATKCD037
15. “Barceloneta” uitv. Radio Malanga