World Minerals

sat 18 oct 2008 09:02 

Música Mestiza (part 2).

Today in World Minerals part two of the special about Música Mestiza. At the end of the eighties the group Mano Nega had their breakthrough with their energetic mix of latin, punk, reggae and rai. This band was on of the precursors of the Mestiza music. Frontman Manu Chao later called this music Patchanka. Manu Chao later went on solo and became more or less the figurehead of this music style. From the 90s on a lot of bands originated in Barcelona and Paris that limitlessly combined music styles in the same way, often in combination with society-critical lyrics.Music Mestiza was born. Also after the turn of the century the music style remains popular, judging by the rise of many new bands and special dance nights in Dutch clubs.For part one of this special click here.
Play List:
CD: Puta’s Fever (1989), Mano Negra, Virgin France 8615729 
1. “Guayaquil City” (Manu Chao)
CD: Amsterdam Roots Festival (2008) Amsterdam Roots promo cd
2. “Chinorro”, uitv. Calima
CD: Obrador (2006) Xerramequ TiquisMiquis ,Propaganda pel fet pgd051cd
3. “Tombar me al teu Costat”
CD: Mirando el Mundo al Reves (2007), Che Sud Aka, K-Industria CHECDS02
4. “Todo Vuelve”
CD: Clavell Morenet (2006), La Troba Kung-fu, Via Lactea Records VLR001
5. “Calor Calor” (Joan Garriga)
CD: Barcelona Raval Sessions 2 (2005), Satélite K SATKCD037
6. “Me voy pa’Cachimbamba”, uitv. Patriarca de la Rumba & Macaco
CD: Techari  (2006), Ojos de Brujo, Diquela Records DQR CD 05
7. “12 Piedras vs. Tanques” (Ojos de Brujo)
CD: Ingravitto (2006), Macaco, Mundo Zurdo/EMI Spain 0946 3 58870 2 0
8. “Como el agua Cale”, feat. MS Maiko (Dani Macaco)
CD: Parola d’Onore (2005), Roy Paci & Aretuska, Etnagigante SIAE-VVR1032282
9. “Superreggae Stereomambo” (Paci/Sanfelici)
CD: Mascara (2006), Sergent Garcia, Virgin Music 09463727262 6
10. “Dulce con Chile” (Garcia)
CD: Los de Abajo V The Lunatics (2005), Los de Abajo, Real World Records CDRW134
11. “Los Lunaticos” ,feat. Neville Staples & Dennis ‘Badbone’ Rollins (Golding/Staples/Hall)
CD: KarateBeat (2008), La Kinky Beat, Kasba Music KM00108 Promo cd
12. “Citizens”  
CD: Barcelona Mondobeat: Nacion Electrolatina (2006), BarXino, BarXino Records RCDS03 Promo cd
13. “Sapato Apertado”
CD: Visto lo Visto (2007), Muchachito Bombo Infierno, Al Orfanato Electrico OE01CD
14. “Carreta Sideral” (Muchachito)
CD: CD: Barcelona Raval Sessions 2 (2005), Satélite K SATKCD037
15. “Assucar”, feat. Sondkalle, uitv. Sr. Zambrana