World Minerals

sat 1 nov 2008 09:02 

Sweaty Nipples United

The DJs of Sweaty Nipples United hate only one thing: blinkers. Their party has no limits. Music from all corners of the world are being melted together without mercy. Raw breaks and jolting transitions are the rule rather than the exception. This hour will give you an idea of a night with Sweaty Nipples United. Sweat on the walls! Limitless dancing until the middle of the night!Also check out their website:www.myspace.com/sweatynipplesunited
1.    Ringsad El Mangad No. 2 – Anna Adamis & Gabor Presser [Hongarije]
2.    Civilise – Orchestre National De Barbès [Frankrijk]
3.    It’s A Vanity – Gabo Brown & Orchestre Poly-Rhytmo [Benin]
4.    Funky Limbo – The Dutch Rhythm & Steel Show Band [Nederland]
5.    It’s A Feeling – Sint Maarten’s Rolling Tones [Nederlandse Antillen]
6.    Check Your Bucket – Eddie Bo [USA]
7.    Paco, Paco, Paco – Encarnita Polo [Spanje]
8.    Cumbia De Colombia – Henry Castro [Colombia]
9.    The Bridegroom Special – Sem Medoff & The Yiddish Swing Orchestra [USA]
10.    Don Loope – Nortec Collective [Mexico]
11.    Giv Mi Mani 2 – Magnifico [Slovenië]
12.    Sat Tee Tuoy (Look At The Owl) – Onbekende Artiest [Cambodja]
13.    Trust Your Child, Part 1 – Patrizia & Jimmy [USA]
14.    Podes Crer, Amizade – Toni Tornado [Brazilië]
15.    Mueva El Dinero – Eduardo Davidson [Mexico]
16.    Lambaya Püf De – Baris Manco [Turkije]
17.    Must’ve Been High – The Supersuckers [USA]