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fri 20 feb 2009 18:00 
Composer: Traditional

It’s Kef Time!

Kef Time means "time to party". The Kef Time Band exists for more that 30 years and tours through America to entertain the Armenian community during parties that can last the whole night. The Kef Time band exists of Richard A. Hagopian on oud and vocals, Hachig Kazarian on clarinet, Buddy Sarkissian on drums, Jack Chalikian on kanun, Manny Petro on guitar, Ted Tashjian on tambourine and brings a mix of imported music from Armenia, Turkey and Greece. Traditional modi and rhythms from the Middle East form a basis for this festive and exciting music.
CD Kef Time Hartford (2002). Traditional Crossroads CD 80702-4316-2
1. Hoppa Nina Nina Nay – Kef Time Band 
2. Ne Guzeldir Bakiçin
3. Çiktim Çinarin Baçina – Sallasana
4. Sut Lçtim
5. Sheyghani – Vanitz
6. Içlerim
CD Kef Time, exciting sounds of the Middle East (1994). Traditional Crossroads CD 4269
7. Soode Soode
8. Dersim Medley
9. Elimon Ektim Tasa
10. Telegrafin Telleri
11. Konyali
12. Adalar
CD Kef Time Detroit. Traditional Crossroads CD 80702-4315-2
13. Gorunce o dilberi
14. Zeybek