World Minerals

fri 27 mar 2009 18:00 

Spring fever.

Oh yes, officially spring has been in the air for some days now. Days are getting longer than the nights and that has to be celebrated. Because in a while we can not only enjoy the singing of the willow warbler, the cheerful blue-pink flowers of the lungwort and the softly humming sound of the brown frog; no, it also affects us humans and awakens all kinds of things because of our hormones that play up. So to raise the spirits a World Minerals full of spring fever. You have been warned…
CD: Vroege Vogelzang, deel 1 (2008), Vara
1. ‘Fitis zang’
CD: De Règâhs – Den Haag…Olé (2008). NLDisco, NLD 0080
2. ‘Jè bent ut voâh mèn’ 
CD: Mahala Raï Banda – Mahala Raï Banda (2004).Crammed Discs, Craw 31
3. ‘Mahalageasca’
CD: ABC Island Primer (2001). Network Medien 20.112
4. ‘Un Siglo Nobo’ – Grupo di Betico
CD: Altan – Runaway Sunday (1997). Virgin Records, CDV2836
5. ‘Australian Waters’
CD: Spok Frevo Orquestra – Passo de Anjo  (2008).Discmedi – promo
6. ‘Frevo Sanfonado’
CD: Nesma – Del Nilo al Guadalquivir (2005).Nesma Music, ND0101
7. ‘Nesma’t El Nile Finale’
CD: Natuur van het Boerenland. CLM & Vogelbescherming Nederland, NML 2234
8. ‘Heikikker’
9. ‘Bruine Kikker’
CD: Mamborama – Night of the living Mambo (2003). Walboomers Music, WBL 007
10. ‘El Solo Musica’
CD: North African Groove (2005). Putumayo World Music, PUT 237-2
11. ‘Nour El Ain’ – Amr Diab
CD: Batucada: The Sound of the Favelas (1996).Mr. Bongo, MRBCD005
12. ‘Ritmo Number One’  – Paulinho Da Costa
CD: Cumbia Cumbia 2: La Epoca Dorada de Cumbias Colombianas (1993). World Circuit, WCD033
13. ‘Lupita’ –  Guillermo Gonzalez Y Su Orquesta
CD: Musafir – Barsaat (2002). Blue Flame Records, 398 50542
14. ‘Banna’
CD: Africa: Never Stand Still (1994). Ellipsis Arts
15. ‘Saï’ – Kanda Bongo Man
CD: Natuur van het Boerenland. CLM & Vogelbescherming Nederland, NML 2234
16. ‘Blauwborst’