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World Minerals

sat 21 apr 2007 09:02 


World Minerals don’t come falling out of the air, you have to dig for them. Luckily you don’t have to go into the mines with a pickaxe, deprived from all sunlight to find these kind of minerals. You can find them in many places. For example at the Teilingerstraat in Rotterdam, a random street behind the Central Station. There you will find all kinds of foreign shops. A supermarket with products from Iran, Iran, Serbia etc. When you step inside you can always find, between the cans of beans and hair extensions, a section with CD’s from those countries. Some editions are obscure, but for 2 to 6 euros you will come into the possession of a CD with often surprising and unheard sounds. In this hour of World Minerals you will hear music from CD’s that have been bought at the Teilingerstraat. Music by the Kamkars Ensemble from Iran, Super Hit Qawwalies from India and Ahmad Wali from Afghanistan.