World Muse

sun 18 jan 2009 15:00 
Composer: Traditional

The Caribbean.

Music from the Caribbean never ceases to appeal because it’s so easy to dance to. Marta Gómez knows that more than anybody else by grabbing the South American rhythms at the core: only the most important elements remain in the rhythm in each of her 70 composed cumbias, zambas, rancheras or candomblés. Marta Gómez, a singer from Colombia, currently lives in New York and will be in the Netherlands for a concert on 24 January in the Tropentheater. The Muse takes a closer look at her and a few related artists.
1) Opening tune World Muse (M. Poels)
Duration: 0’58 min.
Title of CD: !La Verrraquera!
2) Title of track: La cumbia La Cumbia (D. Marulanda) 3’56
Performing artist: Diego Marulanda & Pacandé
Label: Naxos World 76003-2
Title of CD: ‘Solo es viver’
3) Title of track: Chicharra (M. Gómez) 4’12
4) Title of track: Solo es viver (M. Gómez) 3´53
Performing artist: Marta Gómez
Label: BS 65932-1                                                                   
Title of CD: ‘Cantos de aqua dulce’
5) Title of track: Confesión (M. Gómez) 4’15
Performing artist: Marta Gómez
Label: Chesky JD281                                                               
Title of CD: ‘Pacantó’
6) Title of track: Pacantó (Trad.) 6’08
Performing artist: Toto la Momposina
Label: World Village 470005
Title of CD: ‘Mujer de Cabaret’
7) Title of track: Amarrao con fé (Trad.) 3’35
Performing artist: Edilio Paredes
Label: iASO Records iAsCD2
Title of CD: ‘Mujer de Cabaret’
8) Title of track: Santiago (Trad.) 2’55
Performing artist: Frank Mendez
Label: iASO Records iAsCD2                                        
Title of CD: ‘entre cada palabra’
9) Title of track: Quién se acordia? (M. Gómez) 3’55
10) Title of track: Dona Luisa (M. Gómez) 2’57
Performing artist: Marta Gómez
Label: Chesky JD301                                                  
Title of CD: ‘Nann’
11) Title of track: Big Dig (J. A. Santillan) 6’05
Performing artist: Los Changos Trio.
Label: Consolidated Artists Productions CAP 993         
Title of CD: !La Verrraquera!
12) Title of track: Canta El Corazon (D. Marulanda) 5’31
Performing artist: Diego Marulanda & Pacandé
Label: Naxos World 76003-2                                     
Title of CD: ‘La Caimanera’
13) Title of track: Hasta Siempre (C. Puebla) 3’45
Performing artist: Carlos Puebla
Label: West Wind 2246                                                   
Title of CD: ‘Ariba La Cumba’
14) Title of track: Pa’Que Retozen (DJ Joe/T. Calderón) 2’03
Performing artist: Tego Calderón
Label: Crammed Discs CRAW49

Producer and presenter: