World Muse

sun 25 jan 2009 15:00 

The accordion.

The accordion has cast off its weepy image a long time ago. The accordion with all its variations, such as the bayan from Russia, the diatonic accordion, or the organetto from Italy.
In this episode they will al come up, played by Dutch national squeezebox heroes; started out locally but in the current mp3 era they travel the whole world digitally.
1) Opening tune World Muse (M. Poels)
Duration: 0’58 sec.
Title of CD: ‘Korrontzi’
2) Title of track: Asstinze (A. Baserria) 4’33
3) Title of track: Panderotxoa (Trad.) 4’11
4) Title of track: Menakoz (Trad.) 4’09
Performing artist: Korrontzi
Label: Nubenegra INN 1131-2                                  
Title of CD: ‘Pria Goaea;
5) Title of track: I regali in Ritardo (F. Gambetta) 4’30
Performing artist: Filippo Gambetta
Label: Felmay fy 8052                           
Title of CD: ‘Fake no more’
6) Title of track: Cooking Dub (I. Karamarkovic) 4’50
Performing artist: La Cherga
Label: Asphalt Tango CD-ATR 1708                                  
Title of CD: ‘Cordeon Kameleon’
7) Title of track: Ti cordeon (R. Lacaille) 3’24
8) Title of track: Le Boug (R. Lacaille) 2’52
9) Title of track: Kameleon (R. Lacaille) 4’40
Performing artist: Rene Lacaille        
Label: Connecting Cultures CC50068                
Title of CD: ‘Goldberg Variations’
10) Title of track: Aria (J.S. Bach) 2’44
11) Title of track: Variatie 1 (J.S. Bach) 1’29
Performing artist: Denis Patkovic
Label: Hanssler Classic CD 98.527                  
Title of CD: ‘Danza del riso e dell’oblio’
12) Title of track: Rumba Barozzi (N. Campogrande) 3’27
Performing artist: Nicola Campogrande
Label: Stradivarius STR 33712                   
Title of CD: ‘Forro Acustico Vol-2’
13) Title of track: Cheiro de terra queimada (L. Do Accordeon/J. Rezendel) 2’23
Performing artist: Danielzinho & Rene
Label: L’Autre Distribution CP11100
Title of CD: ‘Forro Acustico Vol-2’
14) Title of track: Solidao de um caminhoneiro (A. Rodrigeus) 3’01
Performing artist: Vania Silva & Alex
Label: L’Autre Distribution CP11100                                 
Title of CD: ‘Forro Acustico Vol-2’
15) Title of track: Mestrinho (E. do Accordeon/Mestrinho) 3’26
Performing artist: Pe de Serra
Label: L’Autre Distribution CP11100                                 
Title of CD: ‘Le tournis’ 
16) Title of track: Made in valse (A. Lassagne/M. Azzola) 3’02
Performing artist: Armand Lassagne
Label: Le Chant du Monde 274 1173                             
Title of CD: ‘ Cryptonique’
17) Title of track: The wooden legged sportman (F. Beghin) 4’14
Performing artist: Fabian Beghin/Didier Laloy
Label: Homerecords.be 4446025

Producer and presenter: