World Muse

sun 1 feb 2009 15:00 
Composer: Traditional

An Arabian Muse in all its forms.

A Muse filled with Arabic music; percussion music from Egypt, groovy tunes on the accordion, virtuoso old performance, belly dance and lounge with a tasteful hint of Arab. In short: Arabic music in all its forms.
1) Opening tune World Muse(M. Poels)
Duration: 0’58
Title CD: ‘Shik Shak Shok’
2) Title track: Nova Raks (H. Abou El Seoud) 3’21
3) Title track: Hassan Ya Ghoulli (H. Abou El Seoud) 4’15
Performing artist: Hassan Abou El Seoud
Label: Hollywood Music Center HMC 1364
Title CD: ‘Electric Oasis’
4) Title track: Baladi Girl (A. Abdelfattah) 4’07
Performing artist: Roger Abboud
Label: Caravan Records CR 5242
Title CD: ‘The Doom-Tek Projekt’
5) Title track: Dancer’s Heartbeat (Falet) 4’13
Performing artist: Hamdi El-Khayyat
Label: Hollywood Music Center HMC 1307                           
Title CD: ‘The Masters of Bellydance Music’
6) Title track: Henna Ya El Henna (Trad.) 5’10
Performing artist: The Cairo Orchestra
Label: Caravan Records CR 5241                                        
Title CD: ‘Flamenco Arabe 2’
7) Title track: Nilo (J. L. Monton) 4’32
Performing artist: Hossam Ramzy/Jose Luis Monton
Label: ARC EUCD 2000                                                     
Title CD: ‘ Nour et Blanc’
8) Title track: Narbar (Trad.) 3’17
Performing artist: NOUR
Label: Kasba Music                                                            
Title CD: ‘ Beyond the dessert’
9) Title track: Naghm al Kanoun (Trad.) 2’21
10) Title track: Wahashtini (Trad.) 5’23
Performing artist: Sami Nossair Orchestra.
Label: Hollywood Music Center HMC 1215                  
Title CD: ‘Oriental Dance from Lebanon’
11) Title track: Ghanni ya samra (E. Sayyah) 5’10
Performing artist: Emad Sayyah
Label: ARC EUCD 1944                                               
Title CD: ‘One night in Cairo’
12) Title track: Sawwah (Trad.) 4’31
Performing artist: Roger Abboud
Label: Hollywood Music Center HMC 1363                    
Title CD: ‘Electric Oasis 2’
13) Title track: Gardens of Delight (F. Al Atrash) 4’17
Performing artist: Giacomo Bondi
Label: Caravan Records CR 5242                                   
Title CD: ‘One Night in Cairo’
14) Title track: Hadiyya (Trad.) 6’40
Performing artist: Gizira Band
Label: Hollywood Music Center HMC 1363

Producer and presenter: