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World Muse

sun 1 mar 2009 15:00 
Composer: Traditional

Multi-Turkey: You will hear lots of different music in this hour.


Music from the film Son Osmani including music by clarinet player Hüsnü Senlendirici, whom we’ve encountered before with his Taksim Trio, music by Erkan Ogur, guitarist who made music with basically the whole of Turkey and therefore also with saz and baglama player Ismael Demircioglu. Percussionist Burhan Öcal who together with his Trakya Allstars delivered a gem of a CD in collaboration with DJ Smadj the Sephardic music by Janet & Jak Esim, Turkish improv by Taner Akyol… Now I’ve spilled all the beans… Multi-Turkey!

1) Opening tune World Muse (M. Poels)
Duration: 0’58 sec.

Title CD: ‘Beyond the Bosphorus’

2) Title track: Ey zahit (Trad./ A. Harabi) 4’32
Performing artist: Bosphorus & Mode Plagal
Label: Hictch-Hyke LIFT 089

Title CD: ‘Kirklareli Siniri’

3) Title track: Melike (Trad.) 5’46
Performing artist: Burhan Öcal & Trakia All Stars
Label: DoubleMoon DM0020

Title CD: ‘Sevval Sam’

4) Title track: Ander sevdaluk (Trad./A Atas-Soner Akalin) 2’54
5) Title track: Bu dünya bir pencere ((Trad./A. Atas) 5’01
6) Title track: Dertliyim kederliyim (M. H. Tunc) 3’20
Performing artist: Karadeniz
Label: KALAN CD 454

Title CD: ‘Taksim Trio’

7) Title track: Bicare (I. Tuncbilek) 7’40
Performing artist: Taksim Trio
Label: Doublemoon DM 0040

Title CD: Son Osmanli.

8) Title track: Kanaryam (Trad.) 4’50
9) Title track: Seniz (M. Soyarslan/B. Yayla) 2’55
10) Title track: Mustafa Kemal Gizli Ömlümü (A. Önder) 5’15
Performing artist: Siynet Sali
Label: KALAN CD 396

Title CD: ‘Anadolu Besik’

11) Title track: Bülbülüm altin Kafeste (Trad.) 5’36
Performing artist: Erkan Ogur/I. H. Demircioglu
Label: KALAN CD 178

Title CD: ‘Mira’

12) Title track: Kuatro muchachikas (Trad.) 3’06
13) Title track: Komo guardo el shabat (Trad.) 3’52
Performing artist: Janet & Jak Esim
Label: Global 4

Title CD: ‘Birds of Passage’

14) Title track: Anlayamazsin (A. Yücel/T. Akyol) 3’18
Performing artist: Taner Akyol
Label: ENJA ENJ-9510 2