World Muse

sun 11 jan 2009 15:00 
Composers: Ferran Savall | Traditional

Sephardic music.

Everyone has probably heard the story of the Jews from Spain in 1492: they were to convert to Christianity or leave the country. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabel left the Jews no other choice and many therefore left their homeland. They settled in the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. They brought the key to their home (La Yave) with them because ‘you never know, you might be able to go back…’
In their hearts were the songs which became mixed into the new culture, sung in Ladino.
Nowadays, these songs are still released on CD, thankfully, because in that way we are still able to enjoy the Sephardic songs.
1) Opening tune World Muse (M. Poels)
Duration: 0’58 min.
Title CD: ‘Deus et Diabolus’
2) Title of track: Morena (Trad.) 4’47
3) Title of track: La Galana y el Mar (Trad.) 5’12
Performing artist: Al Andaluz Projekt
Label: Galileo GMC026                                                                 
Title CD: ‘Antichi Canti Ebraici del Mediterraneo’
4) Title of track: Haftarà Sefardi shel yom Tish’à be-Av (Trad.) 4’33
Performing artist: Paolo Buconi Ensemble
Label: Tactus TC 590002                                                                  
Title CD: ‘La Yave’
5) Title of track: La Yave Espanja (F. Jagoda) 3’00
Performing artist: Flory Jagoda
Label: Fréa Records MWCD 4030                                                     
Title CD: ‘Mireu el nostre’
6) Title of track: Numi numi (Trad.) 5’21
Performing artist: Ferran Savall
Label: Allia Vox AV9858
Title CD: ‘Primavera en Salonico’
7) Title of track: Tres hermanicas eran (Trad.) 3’35
8) Title of track: Los Bilbilicos (Trad.) 4’24
Performing artist: Primavera en Salonico/Savina Yannatou
Label: Lyra ML 4765                                                                   
Title CD: ‘Adio’
9) Title of track: De edad de sinko anyos (Trad.) 4’42
10) Title of track: Kol Burney mala (Trad.) 3’08
Performing artist: Janet & Jak Esim
Label: KALANCD 376                                                                      
Title CD: ‘Música I Cants Sefardis d’Orient I Occident’
11) Title of track: Los caminos de sirkeci (Trad.) 2’55
Performing artist: Aman Aman
Label: Galileo GMC017                                                                    
Title CD: ‘Yuhadice’
12) Title of track: Mama yo no tengo visto (Trad.) 6’03
13) Title of track: Ven Chika Nazlia (Trad.) 4’42
Performing artist: Sehir Müzigi/Hadass Pal-Yarden
Label: KALAN 272                                                                           
Title CD: ‘Maimónides’
14) Title of track: Yioduja ra’aionai (Trad.) 7’07
Performing artist: Eduardo Paniagua & Jorge Rozenblum
Label: Pneuma PN-580                                                                       
Title CD: ‘She’s So Good, C’est Si Bon’
15) Title of track: Uska dara (Trad.) 3’03
Performing artist: Eartha Kitt
Label: Living Era CD AJA 5659                                                        

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