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wed 21 jan 2009 11:00 
Composer: Paul Oomen

Recent events… Amsterdam-Earport.

‘Amsterdam-Earport’ is a new music platform where, according to the initiators, the music of the future originating from Amsterdam is shaped. Over 120 musicians from Amsterdam are gathered together. During a 10-hour music marathon, the most diverse musical personalities of the city can present themselves. The result of the laboratory sessions filled with new sounds and compositions can be heard on 30 and 31 January in the brandnew Conservatory of Amsterdam.
Earport wants to present the musical identity of the Amsterdam of this moment. The musicians are from all sections of the Amsterdam society and are a blueprint of today’s society. Children of the Leerorkest from the Amsterdam neighbourhood Bijlmer are side by side with the big names from the classical music genre. Electronic pioneers are working together with world music celebrities. A few of the performing artists are the Caribbean-African Fra Fra Sound, Nello Mirando, Diego Nicolas Rodrigues, and Lamin Kuyateh.
The participants introduce themselves with their own repertoire that gives voice to continuously new compositions. Every artist performs with two completely different musicians and together they bring about an extraordinary meeting of both their sounds in a dazzling concert. Artistic director Paul Oomen composes 25 new works for the occasion and accompanies the musicians in their experimental collaboration.
Earport does not consider itself a multicultural event but sees itself as post-fusion. Every musician is characterised by his own personal story and is inspired by various roots. Earport, therefore, aims at bringing together the individual musical worlds in which even the most divergent influences become a natural unity.
Besides the physical concerts in  the conservatory, Earport creates a virtual concert platform online where you can download the most innovative music for free. The website is an online community for Amsterdam musicians and listeners around the world. The close-knit network brings musicians together to join the experiment and the online visitor can participate in the fun by listening.
In World Music News you can listen to Jan Wouter Oostenrijk with his Maghreb Jazz, the Babak Maddah Group, the duduk player Raphaela Danksagmüller from Austria, Fra Fra Sound and kora player Jalli Lamin Kuyateh.
For more information go to  Here you can find a continuous live performance/installation that will process the sounds of Earport in a 24h ongoing stream. You can also find the complete line-up of both days on the website.