World Music News

wed 11 feb 2009 11:00 

Amsterdam World.

Amsterdam World is a world music festival recurring annually; a collaboration between musicians and artists from a thriving European seaport town. From seaport town Amsterdam, music has been brought to us from all over the world since 1602 – with the Dutch East India Company. Last year centred around Lisbon, at the start of 2009 Barcelona will be the seaport town where it’s all about.
CD Mixed Amsterdam World. Barcelone 2009. promo
1. “Volver”- Estrella Morente
2. “Libres sin tiempo” – Costo Rico
3. “Sobraos” – El tio Carlos
4. “Abdelkader Jilali”- Abdel-Jalil Kodssi
5. “Zambra” – Estrella Morente
6. “Em desenganxo del plom” – Nour
7. “Mirando el mundo al reves” – Che Sudaka
CD Blick Bassy, Léman. World Connection WC 031
8. Maria (Blick Olama Bassy)
9. Nlalk (Blick Olama Bassy)
10. Donalina (Blick Olama Bassy)
11. Nlela (Blick Olama Bassy)
CD El Tio Carlos. Fourni, promo
12. Natural
13. Bishos
CD Abdel Jalil Kodssi, Oulad Fulani Ganga (2006). Ventilador Music
14. Dunia