World Music News

wed 14 jan 2009 11:00 

Recent events… The third ‘Molote’s Fiesta’ in Utrecht, the Netherlands, and Thijs Borsten’s ‘Weg van Cuba’ (Crazy about Cuba).

The concept of ‘Molote’s Fiestas’ is as simple as it is successful: the right music in the right place. Live Cuban improvisation music by Molote’s band with international guest artists, interaction with the audience, dance until you drop, and enjoying a fresh mojito and authentic tapas in a Spanish club that is changed into a Caribbean nightclub. Even at the first ‘Fiesta’ there was a real party going on onstage. In spite of some musicians only meeting each other there for the first time. A true show was created that  got the crowd dancing but the people less fond of dancing also had the time of their lives.
Driving forces behind these fiestas are trombone player Alberto Muñoz Martinez from Cuba, better known as Molote, and Caron Muñoz Honold. Molote stood at the beginning of two legendary bands: the Afro-Cuban All Stars and the Buena Vista Social Club. As the youngest musician, in their first collective tour he stood next to people like Ry Cooder, Ibrahim Ferrer, Omara Portuondo and Compay Segundo. With both bands he toured all over the world to finally settle in the Netherlands in 2001. Here he developed himself further as a world class solo artist, released two CDs and organised crossover projects from which two bands originated: Molote’s Piquete and Black Tulip.
Furthermore, Molote can be heard in Thijs Borsten’s ‘Weg van Cuba’ (‘Crazy about Cuba’). In this theatrical production, music and theatre maker Thijs Borsten travels to Cuba with a video camera in search of the heart of Cuban music. In Cuba he meets Cuban trombone player Molote. He introduces Thijs to the musical tradition and curiosities of the country. Later, when Molote is settled in the Netherlands, they meet again and it’s then they realise that the journey and their meeting resulted in remarkable stories, beautiful images and wonderful music fit for a theatre performance. The show ‘Weg van Cuba’ has been on for a while and will be in different theatres in the coming months. For more information, go to www.trapperdetrap.nl