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World Music NL!

sat 12 apr 2014 02:00 
Composer: Ronald Snijders

Episode 6: music by the Conamus, WO and NPI.

World Music NL! is a series of programmes about the spectrum of music genres made in the Netherlands that are counted among the extensive amount of world music.
Since the eighties, world music is the collective term for folk music (also known as traditional music), non-western classical music, non-western pop music and any mixed versions of those.

In this programme, compilation CD Dutch World, a promotion album meant for foreign radio stations, compiled in 2002 by Radio Nederland Wereldomroep in collaboration with Conamus and Nederlands Pop Instituut (NPI).
=Unique collections=
In the Netherlands, a number of unique collections have been built up of recordings of non-western and multicultural music. A part of these recordings belongs to colonial heritage and was made by administrative officers, missionaries and scientists. Records have also been collected from the post-colonial era that can sometimes be the only sounding source material for a number of historic styles of music. They can be found in the collections of various semi-public institutions and the collections of unions and private individuals. In the nineties, most groups started making their own CDs. A number of compilation CDs exist that were not made for trading. The double CD that was played in previous episodes World Music in the Netherlands (Stoa/Wereldomroep 1995), the De Mix CD (IKON/KRO1995) and the Holland Rocks CD, a compilation CD by the Nationaal Pop Instituut from 1991.
Since 1 March 2006, the Conamus foundation has a new name: Stichting Buma Cultuur (Buma Culture Foundation), a body that engages in supporting and promoting Dutch music.
To that end, the organisation carries out projects in collaboration with a large number of domestic and foreign partners that promote Dutch music and is supported by Dutch copyright organisation Buma/Stemra.
Buma Cultuur organizes events annually such as the Amsterdam Dance Event, the Noorderslag Festival the Day of Dutch Jazz and Musicians Day. In addition, people take part in international music conferences in order to promote the export of Dutch music.
Since its foundation in 1947, Radio Netherlands Worldwide has been taking care of ‘Holland Promotion’, promoting Dutch language and literature as well as all kinds of music produced in the Netherlands, be it light, jazz or classical. It began with the promotion of the Concertgebouw, followed by the promotion of Dutch composers, the Radio Filharmonisch Orkest (Radio Philharmonic Orchestra) and the Kamerkoor (Chamber Choir).
In the early sixties, a long tradition began of recording and promoting jazz music and folkloristic music for the language editors, including recordings of Surinamese and Antillean bands for the Caribbean Department. So too recordings of large orchestras and festivals were made. But smaller orchestras, ensembles and various popular orchestras were also recorded. All these recordings were made available for foreign stations via the transcription service and the music department later on.
The Nationaal Pop Instituut (NPI) was an organisation that was dedicated to the development and the quality of Dutch pop music. That included all sorts of pop music: from pop and rock to hiphop, urban, dance, crossover and world music. It was founded in 1975 as Stichting Popmuziek Nederland (Netherlands Pop Music Foundation) and was subsidized by the national government since 1977. In 1997, the name changed to Nationaal Pop Instituut (National Pop Institute). On 1 January 2008, the NPI became a part of Muziek Centrum Nederland (Music Centre Netherlands, or MCN). When the MCN was closed, the NPI gave a large part of its extensive archives to the Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid (Netherlands Institute for Picture and Sound). Over the years, the NPI released a few compilation albums containing pop music as well as world music produced in the Netherlands.
=Dutch World 2002 (RN Music MWCK1)=

  1. Echándole (4:23), Gerardo Rosales
  2. Wals voor Thijs (4:29), Maalstroom
  3. Kh’aita Rimashk’ani (4:59), Zumbayllu
  4. Dead As a Dodo (1:29), Pekel
  5. Digily You (6:26), Legerstee & Greve
  6. Valse Atlantique (4:45), Hans Houckes
  7. Grandma Ska (3:45), Rude Rich and the High Notes
  8. Adiós a la Pasión (5:55), La Flor Azul
  9. Abo Daylight (3:42), Althea W
  10. My Friend Samir (5:45), Jan Wouter Oostenrijk
  11. Et voilà (5:52), Joshua Samson & Audible Lifestream
  12. Tsiganeshti (3:00), Otazoj Klezmerband
  13. Korsow (4:35), Ronald Snijders