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fri 2 jan 2015 17:00 hour

World Music NL! Episode 10: Arabian Orange.
Moroccan/Arabian music from the Netherlands.

World Music NL! is a series of broadcasts about the range of music genres in the Netherlands, which are included in the wide range of world music. Since the eighties, world music has been a collective term for folk music/ traditional music, non-western classical music, non-western pop music and mixed forms of it. 
In the Netherlands, some unique collections of non-western and multicultural music recordings have been gathered. These are to be found in the collections of different semi-public institutions, and in the collections of associations or private individuals. Since the nineties, most groups have started to produce their own CDs. Through the course of years, music organisations have also made compilation CDs.
In this episode, the compilation CD of Arabian Orange. Moroccan/Arabian music from the Netherlands, a promotion album of the Dutch Pop Institue (NPI) from 1992. 
The National Pop Institute (NPI) was an organisation that was committed to the development and quality of Dutch pop music. On 1 January 2008, the NPI merged with Music Centre Netherland (MCN). When the MCN dissolved, the NPI passed on a large part of their vast archives to the Dutch Institute for Image and Sound. The NPI has released some compilation albums over the years, with pop music and world music from the Netherlands. 
Raïland, founded in 1988 is a mixed Dutch and Algerian group. The first Dutch Rai album was released in 1996. The repertoire is a mix of traditional raï, chaabi, pop, funk, rock, reggae and jazz. 
The Moroccan-Dutch music group Al Amal (Arabic for hope) started with performances on parties and weddings, and became a popular, much in demand group at events and performances on television, including the TV programme Paul de Leeuw
The Amsterdam-Moroccan company around singer Mustapha Ashraf is one of the pioneers of the North African raï in the Netherlands. On his first CD, Le Mediteranien from 1997 (MW Records MWCD 3015), he combined the North African rhythm with salsa rhythms and reggae.
The Dutch-Moroccan music ensemble Weshm (tattoo in Arabic) combines classical Arabian music with modern, improvised music. Inspiration comes from different sources, including Gnaoua music, Rwaïs and Andalusian music. In the course of years, the three musicians have been involved in many projects – with the Utrecht Chamber Orchestra Trajectum for example – and they also work with musicians from all over the world, from Andalusian flamenco to Indian Tabla game. 
Arabian Orange. Moroccan/Arabian music from the Netherlands, SPN 09 (1992)Railand – El miema

  1. Railand – El baroud
  2. El Amal – Sajdali
  3. El Amal – Zoege bnyat bghauwni
  4. Mustapha Ashraf – Yenes
  5. Mustapha Ashraf – El gorba
  6. Mustapha Ashraf – Mellit
  7. Weshm – Prelude
  8. Weshm – Improvising


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