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fri 14 oct 2016 22:00 

New releases from Iraq, Greece and Brazil


Today you will be listening to albums of Osama Abdulrasol, Kato apo to dentro and Graveola.

Osama Abdulrasol is a Iraqi/Belgian qanun player and composer. On the album Jedid, you will hear well-known accordion player Philippe Thuriot, cellist Lode Vercampt, percussionist François Taillefer and soprano Helena Schoeters.
1. Gypsy in Baghdad, Osama Abdulrasol Quintet (05:03)
2. Stairway, Osama Abdulrasol (05:25)
3. Habibi, Osama Abdulrasol (07:24)
4. Mazaj, Osama Abdulrasol (05:08)
CD. Osama Abdulrasol, Jedid (2016), SABAM 00491574036


2. The group Kato apo to dentro (which means ‘Under the tree’), has since 2008 been working with musicians and friends in Athens, who all play different music styles. Members of PALYRRIA, ADIEXODO and DIRECT CONNECTION are together looking for the fusion of roots music from Greece, Africa and the Mediterranean.

1. Kassiopi, Kato Apo to Dentro (03:13)
2. Parakalamos, Kato Apo to Dentro (04:00)
3. Archipelagos, Kato Apo to Dentro (02:48)
4. Artemisio, Kato Apo to Dentro (
CD.Kato Apo to Dentro (2016), Kato 1, Xango Music Distribution


3. Graveola’s has again uniquely blended tropicalia, samba, rock Brasileira and Brazilian folk rhythms on their album Camalão Borboleta. They create new hybrid music, which they give strange names like Psychedelic maracatu, shamanic funaná, weird salsa etc.

1. Aurora, Luiza Brina (03:46)
2. Talismã, feat., Samuel Rosa (04:33)
3. Sem Sentido, José Luis Braga (04:29)
4. Carta Convite, Graveola (02:20)
CD. Graveola, Camaleão, Mais um Discos (2016) Mais um, Xango Music Distribution


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