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fri 8 nov 2019 22:00 hour

World music compiled by Pieter de Rooij and Carolien Cleiren. New releases from Lebanon, Senegal, Norway, Greece and Tunisia.

Yolla Khalife was born in the village of Jezzine, South Lebanon. Influenced by the religious songs and celebrations of her village, she developed a passion for music and singing at an early age. During her study in Beirut, she sang in the Mouachahat band. Subsequently, she formed the Al Mayadine band together with the famous composer and musician Marcel Khalife, with whom she got two children, Rami and Bachar. Rami and Bachar both play on her last album On the Road, on which all songs were written by Yolla Khalife.

1. Law Safert, Yolla Khalife (04:41)
2. Mann Ana, Yolla Khalife (07:02)
3. Ya Hobb, Yolla Khalife (04:41)
CD. On the Road, Yolla Khalife, (2019). Nagam Records CDNR6014, XANGO Music Distribution

De CD Routes of Diali Cissokho & Kaira Ba is the result of a collaboration between Senegalese and American musicians. For two years, 33 musicians have been working on this album that was recorded in both North Carolina (USA) and M’Bour (Senegal).
As expected, it has become a diverse and energetic album.
1. Badima, Diali Keba Cissokho (04:11)
2. Saya, Diali Keba Cissokho (04:35)
3. Baayi Leen, Diali Keba Cissokho (04:21)
CD. Diali Cissokho & Kaira Ba, Routes (2019). Twelf Eight Records, XANGO Music Distribution.

Randy Tytingvan is a singer songwriter from Stavanger, Norway. With her trio, she created a unique Norwegian sound based on the American tradition. All the music on this CD was written by Randi and all texts were written together with poetess Helge Torvund. The songs are a cross-over of several music genres that have influenced her, for example folk, jazz, roots en Americana.
1. Dance, Randi Tytingvag & Helge Torvund (03:45)
2. You getta get out, Randi Tytingvag & Helge Torvund (03:02)
3. Heliotropic, Randi Tytingvag & Helge Torvund (03:04)
CD. Randi Tytingvag Trio, The light you need exists, Randi Tytingvag Trio (2019), Kirkelig Kulturvernsted, FXCD 462, XANGO Music Distribution.

Európe is the second CD of the Kairos Collective that consists of seven Greece and three Dutch musicians. Michel van der Meulen is the composer of, what he calls, contemporary modal music. The album is dedicated to his father Albert van der Meulen (musician), Wouter Swets (musician and musicologist) and Ross Daly (composer and musician).
1. Hebros, Kairos Collective, Michel van der Meulen (06:17)
2. Dali Znaes Pomnis Li, Kairos Collective, Michel van der Meulen (05:43)
3. Barbanera, Kairos Collective, Michel van der Meulen (04:46)
CD. Európe, Kairos Collective (2019) TouMilou #3, XANGO Music Distribution

Souad Massi

The Algerian singer and guitar player Souad Massi is one of today’s greatest North African performers. Her latest CD Oumniya (my wish) is a very personal project and a tribute to women, a plea for human rights and the right to dignity for all. She will perform on Thursday 5 December 2019 in Tivoli Vredenburg in Utrecht.
1. Oumniya, Souad Massi (04:02)
2. Salam, Souad Massi (04:25)
CD. Oumnia, Souad Massi (2019), Believe Naïve, code: NJ7075


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