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Composer: Traditional

Azam Ali / Niyaz / Vaz.

Azam Ali / Niyaz / Vaz projects by a singer born in Iran who has not forgotten the music of her home country of Iran. She grew up in India, and moved to America when she was 12 years old because of the Iranian revolution. She has been making esotheric Iranian/Indian seasoned music from Los Angeles for years. In this Muze, her music is larded with music from the Belgian duo Dietrich who interpret the Iranian sounds in their own colours, via a Breton background, via the vielle and the bagpipes.
1) Opening tune WorldMuze (M. Poels)
Duration: 0’58 sec.
Title cd: ‘Nine Heavens’
2) Title track: Beni beni (A. Ali/L. R. Torkian) 4’31
3) Title track: Amani (A. Ali/L. R. Torkian) 5’52
4) Title track: Hejran (A. Ali/L. R. Torkian) 3’16
Performer: Niyaz
Label: Six Degrees 657036 1150-2                                             
Title cd: ‘Evok’
5) Title track: Fratu (J. Dietrich/A. Faniel) 6’11
Performer: Dietrich
Label: Home Records.be                                                                
Title cd: ‘Feats of Silence’
6) Title track: Mandara (A. Ali) 6’23
Performer: Vaz
Label: Narada 70876-18503-2-1                                                
Title cd: ‘Portals of Grace’
7) Title track: Ben pode Santa Maria (Trad.) 3’08
8) Title track: Breton Medley (Trad.) 3’57
Performer: Azam Ali
Label: Narada 72438 11390-2-8                            
 Title cd: ‘Evok’
9) Title track: Montienn (J. Dietrich/A. Faniel) 6’23
Performer: Dietrich
Label: Home Records.be                                         
Title cd: ‘Elysium of the brave’
10) Title track: Endless Reverie (A. Ali) 5’47
11) Title track: I am a stranger in this world (A. Ali) 7’24
Performer: Azam Ali
Label: Six Degrees 657036 1130-2                         
Title cd: ‘Evok’
12) Title track: Ennocint (J. Dietrich/A. Faniel) 3’25
Performer: Dietrich
Label: Home Records.be                           

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