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fri 31 may 2024 20:00 hrs

Live recordings, Global

Episode: Afrika Festival 2023; Florence Adooni, queen of frafra-gospel (Ghana)

In this episode of ‘Concertzender live world music’ you will hear an impressive recording from the Afrika Festival Hertme. On 1 July 2023, Florence Adooni from Ghana performed here.
She is originally from Northeast Ghana, home of Frafra gospel. This style of gospel has evolved there in the bustling church services. However, Florence grew up in the south, in Kumasi, known as the epicentre of the Ghanaian highlife genre. This resulted in her frafra-gospel merging with another musical tradition, the melodic and rhythmic pulsations of highlife.

Florence Adooni performed in Hertme, accompanied by a particularly vibrant band of six young musicians from Kumasi, with support from singer Joyce Ayinne. This was Florence’s first performance outside of her home country.

Florence Adooni will perform again in the Netherlands on 22 May 2024 (Paradiso Amsterdam)


  1. Ete Songo
  2. Yinne
  3. Naba Aferda
  4. ‘To Saka Ro’
  5. Mam Pe’ela Su’ure
  6. Vocalize My Luv
  7. Name
  8. unknown
  9. Fo Yelle
  10. Estre

Recording tech : Mark Broer

Special thanks to

link :  Afrikafestival

Produced by:
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