Donate periodically

De Concertzender has an ANBI/PBO status, which means you’ll get a tax profit of 125% if you donate to us. The benefit of a periodic donation is that there is no minimum threshold or maximum amount of deduction for the amount of donation you make, click here¬†for more information.

How to get the tax profit:

  • Donate minimum ‚ā¨50 for at least a period of 5 year.
  • A written contract/agreement is drawn and signed.
  • The payment can be made automatically, through a payment device authorized by you.
  • Print out the agreement and the way of payment, fill it in, and sign it.
  • Send the documents to de Concertzender, we’ll send one signed¬†copy back to you.
  • You use the agreement for your tax reporting purpose.
  • For the course of 5 year or longer, we will deduct the agreed amount from your account annually.
  • Congratulations, you are a Friend of de Concertzender and you can enjoy all the special privileges!


You can download the written agreement here and the payment authorization here.
Please send the forms to:

De Concertzender
attn. Finance department
Ganzenmarkt 14
3512 GD Utrecht